The Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria (NRCL), formed in 1951 is celebrating over 60 years of contribution to the conservation of Victoria’s natural resources. Its predecessor, the Save the Forests Campaign was formed in 1944 in the aftermath of the 1939 bushfires out of concern about the need to protect Victoria’s forests. Read more about our history.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.04.31 PMIn 2015, the NRCL Board developed new priorities to guide our work to 2020 and beyond. Our 2015-2020 strategic priorities reflect the desire of the Board to ensure that the NRCL builds on its proud heritage of supporting community engagement and the practical on ground conservation efforts of community based groups. The NRCL Grants Program represents a key initiative in this area with its focus on supporting community based organisations and their members to build their capacity to undertake locally based and community owned projects.

Significantly, the NRCL Board is aware that its property at Cranbourne positions the organisation as the custodian of a considerable endowment providing it with the potential to make a substantial contribution to the environment of Victoria particularly through the promotion of sustainable urban development, community awareness and action in environmental protection and enhancement.

Our vision is to be an innovative and strategic leader in the promotion of conservation ideas
and actions that value, protect and enhance ecosystems in an environment impacted by a growing population,climate change and increasing demand on our natural resources

Read more about our strategic directions or download our Priorities brochure NRCL Priorities 2015-2020. You can also access our 2014 Activities Report here.

Recent News:

Successful Post Paris Climate Change Forum
February 26 2016

Urgent global action to address climate change is more likely as a result of the Paris Climate Change summit.

This was a key message from the Deakin Edge forum  sponsored by the NRCL.

The forum, hosted by Professor Ross Garnaut, discussed the ecological, financial and legal drivers of that  change.

Three eminent speakers (Malte Meinhausen, Nick Wood and Sarah Barker)  provided insightful analysis of the state of play following Paris and outlined the challenges and the forces driving change on the global stage in relation to climate change.

Over 150 people attended the forum which was organised by the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS)- the professional society for meteorologists and oceanographers.

For those who missed it, here is footage of the forum.

The NRCL is proud to have been part of this successful event and looks forward to working with AMOS in the future.