About Us

logo_200The Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

The August 2010 Board meeting developed a new mission, vision and strategic objectives for the NRCL as detailed below. In September 2011 the NRCL helds its ‘New Directions’ re-launch to announce plans for the future.



NRCL will be an innovative and strategic leader in the promotion of conservation ideas and actions that value, conserve and restore ecosystems in a changing environment characterised by climate change, drought and fire risk.


Through community action, research, education and demonstration projects achieve enduring, positive change for the natural environment.

Strategic Objectives

Read about our current project initiatives and how we are achieving our strategic objectives. Find out more about our strategic directions by reading NRCL Priorities 2015-2020.

Strategic Objectives Key Actions
Support and foster relationships with community-based organisations to build their capacity to undertake projects that demonstrate and promote the benefits of protecting and enhancing ecosystems and the sustainable management of natural resources – through brokering connections, mentoring, facilitating investment and grant funding. Building the capacity of community organisations

NRCL Grants Program- Supporting community engagement

The primary purpose of the grants program is to provide funds to enable community based organisations working in the Landcare and conservation fields to sustain and build their capacity to formulate, implement and maintain on ground actions that contribute to protecting and enhancing ecosystems and promote sustainable land management. The projects that received funding all focus primarily on building the skills and knowledge of those engaged in this important work.

Create a positive change to ecosystems by building awareness of risks and encouraging participation in sustainable responses to managing those risks (e.g. adaptive management, sustainable urban development) – through education, knowledge building, advocacy, forums, communications and events. Promoting environmental sustainability

The NRCL owns a property within the Urban Growth Zone at Cranbourne West. The Board has resolved to investigate the potential for the site to be developed as a model of sustainable urban development. Over the next five years, the Board will finalise and act on its plans for the site. As part of this process, the NRCL is actively promoting the need for more sustainable approaches to urban design. It has commissioned a One Planet Action Plan that sets out a blueprint for achieving new benchmarks in outer urban sustainable development.

Foster partnerships with or between like-minded organisations.  Building Partnerships

The NRCL is committed to building its relationships with a range of stakeholders to enable it to implement its key actions. Our stakeholders include the Landcare and conservation sectors, philanthropic organisations and local and state governments.